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Privacy Policy

Here at we keep all the information we collect from our users confidential. We will not sell, loan, rent or otherwise disclose the personal information that you provide us with to third parties for any reason. We take care to protect our visitors’ personal details and will not use your information in any way that you have not consented to.

Use of Cookies
- At CasinoTopNews we do use cookies. Our use of cookies primarily serves to track the traffic that comes from other websites and that links from us to other websites. We do not link cookies to specific individuals or use them to obtain personal information.
Collection of Browser information
- At CasinoTopNews we analyze website logs and browser information in order to help us obtain information that we can use to create material that is more valuable to our users. However, we do not link our website logs with specific individuals or use them to obtain personal information.
- CasinoTopNews advertisements are served in-house and meet the terms of our privacy guidelines.
Third Parties
- CasinoTopNews does not share our users personal information with third parties without your consent. This includes all membership details including names, email addresses, phone numbers and other personal information.
CasinoTopNews reserves the right to change or update our privacy policy at any time. Please check back for changes or feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments regarding the privacy policy.