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CasinosTopNews is one of the most competitive sites delivering fast, up to the minute news, reviews, recommendations and tutorials about online casino gambling all over the world. We offer a complete resource for gambling online, and include bonuses, promotions, rankings, deposit methods, winnings and payout rates, and more. Hiring writers and editors experienced in the world online casinos, they try to make out content as clear, succinct and informative as possible.

Takato Sugihara
A newcomer to our shores, Sugihara began working as an affiliate for some of the top online casinos, and while attending conferences all over the world, she began writing about her experiences in a blog. We were lucky to get her to write for CasinosTopNews, as she is one of the most experienced in the field, and delivers crisp, sound advice for budding online casino players. She reviews, she explores and she disseminates what makes online casinos work.

Bernard Lamothe
Bernard is an experienced newspaper editor and industry magazine, and an avid gambler, and continues to write freelance articles on online casino gambling. His diverse background enables him to give a unique view into the world of online gambling, it’s intrigues and closely kept secrets. Somehow managing to get to the scoop before anyone else, Bernie, as we call him, will keep you up to date and informed about the latest developments.

Quirino De Luca
Quirino De Luca is a senior croupier in one of the Monaco casinos, with six years experience in various positions in the casino. With a background of hotel management, Quirino knows both gambling and hospitality, and will give you rare insights to how a casino works behind the scenes, how games are decided upon, and few tips to use it all to your advantage. Finding comps and free games are his specialty, and with him, you will always be the first to know about them.

Zane Plate
As a dual citizen, Zane has covered politics, culture and sports in his capacity as writer, reporter and broadcaster on Australian Television. However, feeling that he wanted to do what he loved best, Zane became decided to blog about his passion, poker and skill games, and now covers a wide range of subjects with zeal and passion. Cynical and amusing writing make him a great asset here at CasinosTopNews, and he reports on online casinos, specializing in tutorials and teaching online casino games.

Jerry K. Polak
Jerry made his start as a bar owner in Las Vegas, hob nobbing with some of the city’s elite gamblers. Playing only occasionally, Polak nevertheless has an ear for the city’s pulse, and the online gambling industry in general. Reviewing the week’s current events, Polak will keep you riveted as he dissects legislation with an eye for telling the truth to the laymen. Jerry will be your best friend in the coming months as the battle against UIGEA comes to its zenith.