Outdoor Poker Comes to the Grand Casino in Normandy

The month of August 2009 has ushered in big changes for France’s casino industry. For the first time ever in Europe, the Grand Casino de Forges Les Eaux in Normandy has organized an outdoor game room. Every Sunday afternoon in August starting at 4 o’clock pm players are invited to come out to the casino’s terrace to participate in an “open” poker tournament.

The terrace at the Grande Casino accommodates ten table games with room for 80 participants. Many of these participants include French poker stars, mainly from the Paris region. In bringing these big time players to their casino to play in a novelty outdoor tournament, the Grande Casino is reaping the benefits of attention and promotion.

Though the casino’s outdoor game room is a break from traditional, indoor casino gaming they still employ security, microphones, cameras and identity checks. In addition, to the delight of many gamblers, smoking is allowed in this outdoor gambling sanctuary, while it is prohibited in indoor casinos. The Grand Casino has taken precautions to protect customers from bad weather, with large panels to protect players from the elements.

This outdoor poker tournament and game room simply add to the marvel that is Forges Les Eaux. This complex of three luxury hotels, a spa, a golf course, food, music, the infamous Forges beach and one of the closest casinos to Paris is sure to benefit from the attention that the outdoor gaming will attract.