888.com to Launch First 3D Casino in Fall ‘09

888.com is pushing new boundaries in the world of online casino gaming with the impending launch of a 3D casino this fall. A specific launch date has not yet been announced, but 888.com has said that they will introduce their new 3D casino to the gaming community in the next few months at their site, www.casino-on-net.com.

The online gaming world is not new to 3D. There are a number of online casinos and poker sites that have employed 3D elements in their games. However, 888.com will be the first to launch a full 3D online casino. The company previously launched an online 3D poker site at Pacific Poker that gave players the opportunity to choose from a variety of views, including 3D. 3D was the most popular and more and more online poker and casino players seem to be showing an interest in 3D gaming.

The design and interface of the new 3D online casino, which has been created by 888’s own design team, couldn’t come at a better time. Though online casinos haven’t seen a huge decline in the number of players since the recent recession there has been a decline in the stakes at which players are playing. 888.com is hoping that the new 3D design will give them a competitive edge and boost their number of players.

If the upgrade to 3D goes smoothly then 888.com will begin offering the 3D interface to third party firms that they operate with.